What is ArchiWHAT?

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After four years of college and multiple internships in a down economy I was fairly certain that I had the skill set for any job that someone was willing to give me – that was until ArchitectureWorks. Not only was I still adjusting to living in Alabama for the first time, but I was also getting used to the idea of working in the field of architecture rather than journalism.

Excited for new opportunities and learning, on my first day of work I eagerly sat in on the first of many staff meetings. One by one each person reviewed his or her schedule for the week – and one by one I saw my journalism degree slowly diminishing. I read the news; I went to an accredited state school, but AIA? NCARB? Parti? Punch list? I’m sorry . . . ArchiWHAT?! Did I miss out on the basics of English 101 somewhere in the past 23 years?

I quickly came to find out (a full legal pad and a worn out Google search later) that they were talking the foreign language I now know as architecture. I am far from fluent, but there is something to be said for surrounding yourself with native speakers while you only have the basic ‘Hi, my name is’ down.  Needless to say, I still spend part of every staff meeting thinking ArchiWHAT?! I hope that my translation of architecture into layman’s terms helps you gain a better perspective and understanding of the impressive work that goes on in our office.

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