Job Sign!

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A quick word about the logo:

ArchitectureWorks’ new logo is derived from a mathematical formula known as the golden ratio.  The golden ratio has been used in architecture for thousands of years (pyramids of Egypt & the Parthenon) and is also found in nature (nautilus shells & sunflowers), financial strategies, the arts (da Vinci, Dali & Mondrian) and in many other areas.  In other words, it’s pretty special.  Interested in learning more?  Google “Golden Ratio in Architecture” or better yet, just click here.

On to the signage:

We needed a new job sign (with our new logo) in a hurry.  We decided to have a quick charrette (archiWHAT?) to determine budget, materials, construction techniques, and how we could get it built in the next 24 to 48 hours.  We came up with a relatively simple design that utilized layers of birch plywood, paint, and a urethane coating typically used for boat construction to withstand the elements.  Check out how it was done in the images below.

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