The success of your project is our ability to listen and understand your goals. We plan the project accordingly, design thoroughly and thoughtfully and lead the construction team to a successful build. The following is a loose outline of our process, though this will vary from client to client, the basic milestones are similar.

We believe the success of every project is realized through our understanding of the client’s goals and needs.  Discussions in our office often give way to site visits so together we can discover how the client wishes to use and experience the new space. We thoroughly investigate, document, and then analyze the existing site.  If a site for the project is not yet chosen, we can guide the client in the site selection process to find one that is best suited to meet the client’s needs. Diagramming functional relationships and developing a building program begins to create form.  In-depth feasibility studies help set realistic preliminary budget estimates.  We will ask many questions, suggest viable options but, most importantly, we will listen.