Since 1995, ArchitectureWorks has been creating places of enduring quality. We value community, service, and making the world a better place to live, work, and play.

Our mission is, quite simply, to make inspired places. To make better.

But there’s more. We love what we do, we value collaboration, and we respect our community. Our studio is designed and structured to support these ideals. Designers are paired with experienced architects in pods for direct mentoring opportunities day to day. Our open workspace encourages collaboration and innovation on projects, drawing on a depth of expertise and a variety of experience.


We are dedicated to the craft of our profession. Whether through mentoring high school students, taking licensing exams, or fabrication in our woodshop, we encourage and support team members to pursue their passions. Our onsite woodshop has been the catalyst for a number of furniture and full-scale mock-up projects.


As stewards of our environment, we value opportunities to implement sustainable design principles in projects. ArchitectureWorks has six LEED accredited professionals, five of whom are Partners. Our experience and commitment to the environment offers our clients and expertise in sustainable decision-making, employing both initial cost and life-cycle analysis in the process. We strive to connect our work with the natural world through materials, environment, and context.


ArchitectureWorks is a group of people who care about the built environment and great design. We continually endeavor to make a positive difference in the world through our work, client relationships, and respect for the natural environment. We not only strive to make inspired places, but we want to be a positive influence in our own community, cultivating a studio environment that encourages people to not only work together but also play together.