Renovation and Expansion

The Fish Market Restaurant

Birmingham, Alabama

Located in the heart of Birmingham, The Fish Market is a longtime local dining destination for downtown residents, professionals and students. Responding to the increasing demand for their cuisine, the decision was made to expand the space and services to include a larger dining and kitchen area, a fresh seafood market, and a catering service. The Harris Transfer Warehouse immediately behind the existing location was chosen for its proximity and large, open space.

The first floor of each building was renovated to accommodate the new restaurant and kitchen facilities while maintaining access to storage on the upper floors. From fresh seafood delivery, to storage, display, preparation, cooking, and finally presentation to the patron, the program organization sets the stage for a practical and aesthetic use of the existing space. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design is closely integrated with the exposed structure of the existing building. Exposing the simple structure of the warehouse allows the sales counter, the oyster bar, and the outdoor eating terrace’s heavy timber shed roof to become the restaurant’s focal points.


Preservation Award, Birmingham Historical Society, 2007